abdominal therapy for glowing skin


Are you on a quest for glowing skin but never quite seem to get that healthy radiance? Before you blame your lifestyle or skincare regime, learn how this holistic therapy method could help you achieve a healthy glow.

We all know glowing skin comes from within and if your digestion is not functioning properly it can have an effect on your skin. Poor eating habits, stress and other life style factors can all contribute to digestive issues. If symptoms go on untreated they can lead to ongoing problems.

It is now commonly understood that the ‘gut’ is the second brain and can tell you a lot about what is going on in your body. To help decode the messages your body is sending, you may want to book an appointment with Danielle Rickwood.

Danielle Rickwood is an Abdominal Health Coach and Certified Arvigo Maya Abdominal Therapy Practitioner. Abdominal Therapy is all about the health and happiness of your belly and the organs that live there. Through your sessions with Danielle, you will learn to unlock the secrets to ongoing health and wellbeing when it comes to supporting the optimal function of your reproductive and digestive organs.

Her unique approach to healing allows for not only clinic based sessions but, also abdominal coaching sessions via Skype. Danielle encourages all clients to actively participate in their own healing, allowing clients to take ownership of their health
and wellbeing. In a beautiful non-judgemental environment, Danielle creates the space for nurturing and self-care. Her honest approach to wellbeing is refreshing and her beautiful energy allows for an enjoyable treatment. Danielle really takes the time to connect to clients and assess their needs.

We all share similar abdominal health issues but how our digestive or reproductive systems become out of balance is unique to the individual. The stories each and every cell holds lays the blue print for our individual health challenges or what Danielle prefers to call ‘life lessons’.  Clients are treated as individuals and as such, consultations are tailored to suit individual needs.

With over 15 years experience, Danielle has successfully treated a wide range of common abdominal health issues including IBS, menstrual cycle issues, fertility challenges to name but a few. With successful practices both in Australia and in the UK Danielle will be in Australia from October offering sessions from her Melbourne, Byron Bay and Sydney clinics.

Bookings can be made via her website, or simply follow this link.

SPECIAL OFFER – All Metta Skincare customers will receive $20.00 off their first consultation via phone/or Skype (N.B. this does not apply to first consultations being conducted in clinic.)

Want to know more before you book your first appointment with Danielle? Get more details here.

October 7, 2016  |  Beauty
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