Mettā has partnered with a network of
trusted local and international artisan producers
to create an ecosystem that ensures the health
of our customers and the planet.


We believe that healthy skincare shares much with healthy food: pure, wholesome, nourishing ingredients. In order to achieve this with Metta Skincare products, we have partnered with a network of trusted local and international artisan producers, who apply the utmost skill, care and passion in cultivating and harvesting their crops.

The ingredients we use in our products are grown using sustainable, organic or biodynamic practices, which helps ensure not only our health as consumers and that of the producers, but also that of the whole planet as a thriving ecosystem.

Shea Butter

BeadforLife North American Office
2336 Canyon Blvd Suite 202
Boulder CO 80302  USA

Ugandan Office
23 Mpanga Close
Bugolobi Kampala

BeadforLife started working in Northern Uganda in 2008, months after the Lord’s Resistance Army had been driven out and people returned. All people BeadforLife work with had been driven from their homes and forced to live in camps for displaced people, dependent on the army for protection and aid agencies for a meager survival.

Despite their hardships, these are hardworking people who are trying to rebuild their lives. BeadforLife has partnered with over 760 women to create a market for the shea nuts which they have gathered for generations. Shea nuts are known in the region as “Women’s Gold” because they are a resource traditionally gathered and sold by women.

BeadforLife buys the nuts during the harvest season, providing women with critically important cash income which they use to pay children’s school fees, buy medicine or invest in their farms. BeadforLife is a Fair Trade Federation member and the shea butter is certified organic by IMO.


Highland Herbs Tasmania
Calendula Oil

680 Gulf Rd
Liffey TAS 7301
(03) 6397 3461

The simple philosophy that drives Highland Herbs Tasmania is to produce the highest quality certified organic medicinal herbs. Started in 1990 on the pristine fertile soil of the Tasmanian mountains, the farm has since evolved in harmony with nature and through the hard work, commitment and dedication of the wonderful people who work and live there. Much of the garden work – planting, weeding, harvesting – is done by hand, with the utmost skill and attention to detail in the growth, harvest and drying of herbs.

Jojoba Natural

Jojoba Natural
Goondiwindi 4390


Jojoba Natural is a family business which started in 1994.

The property is located in Southern Queensland, North East of Goondiwindi and the plantation is grown on red loamy earths, well suited to growing jojoba shrubs. Jojoba plants are deep rooted perennials, extremely drought tolerant and not attractive to insect pests. Jojoba Natural do not use irrigation but rely on jojoba’s natural ability to withstand dry times.

Today the plantation has approximately 15 000 jojoba plants ranging from 12-18 years old, which have been skillfully cared for by the same family since the beginning.


Kokonut Pacific
Coconut Oil

Kokonut Pacific works to improve the wellbeing of local island communities in the Pacific Region through the production of premium grade coconut oil and other coconut products. By using the Australian-developed Direct Micro Expelling™ technology, the villagers are able to produce delicious hand-pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil within one hour of opening a coconut. The process is the quickest in the world and ensures all flavour and highly beneficial nutritional properties are retained. Kokonut Pacific’s operations provide rural people with meaningful employment, a regular income and better living standards.

Toscana Olives
Olive Oil

One of Australia’s oldest and the largest single estate family-owned certified organic grove, the Toscana Olive Plantation is located in the foothills of the Grampians National Park in North West Victoria. Starting with the work of visionary pioneer Jacob Friedman back in 1943, the grove was planted with a unique mix of rare olive varieties, skilfully cared for today by the Mathews family. The grove is still managed using traditional dryland sustainable organic farming practices, which ensure that the soil is improved rather than depleted, and enjoys the ideal Mediterranean climate. All olives are single estate grown on site and then cold pressed immediately after harvest to ensure maximum flavour, antioxidants and quality.

Wodonga Park
Macadamia Oil

Wodonga Park
45 Mt. Binga Road,
Mt. Binga QLD 4306


Wodonga Park has been an industry pioneer and leader since the development of organic production began in 1987. From humble beginnings as an orchard of some 1500 macadamia trees on only 12 Ha, the orchard now comprises 52 Ha with some 7000 macadamia trees, 1200 avocado trees and 1000 lemons.

 Wodonga Park is located in the cool subtropical climate of the Blackbutt Plateau in South-East Queensland– a very fertile region with highly paramagnetic soils of volcanic origin.

Wodonga Park is managed BioDynamically – a form of organic production that emphasises leaving out synthetic products and focuses on using special natural preparations to enhance soil fertility, working with natural remedies such as using biodiversity to reduce damage caused by insect attack and utilising traditional agricultural practices. Wodonga Park is an ACO certified organic/biodynamic producer.