Mettā Skincare is strongly committed
to making a meaningful difference
to broader social issues.


We believe that the purpose of business is to help shape a world based on freedom, harmonious cooperation, prosperity, justice and kindness, where all people and the planet can thrive.

Mettā Skincare operates as a stakeholder enterprise and is strongly committed to making a meaningful difference to broader social issues such as sustainable agriculture, fair trade and working towards the eradication of poverty in the developing world.

Our vision is to live in a world free of extreme poverty and we believe this can be achieved during our lifetime. Mettā Skincare will use 50% of its profits to support not for profit organisations working towards making this vision a reality. This space will be regularly updated with details of our partnerships.

Good Return

Good Return combines microfinance and education to help the poor in the Asia Pacific change their own lives forever.

Specialising in microfinance, financial literacy and livelihood development programs, Good Return’s work is designed to contribute to individual growth as well as community and national development. Good Return’s training programs focus on:

Small business management – including how to assess the market, create a business plan, manage finances and market programs and services;

Sustainable agriculture – using proven methods to improve yields and returns in an environmentally sustainable manner

Mettā Skincare will make monthly contributions to entrepreneurial projects sponsored by Good Return. Stay tuned for regular updates on these projects.