Rochelle Truxal

Tell us a little bit about you

RT: I grew up in a blue collar town of Dearborn, Michigan with an amazing family of my two brothers, mother and father. Growing up with brothers and strong willed, independent parents has taught me how to be a strong woman, and I am forever grateful for my family in helping me evolve into the person I am today. From an early age I was a dreamer, believer and very ambitious. I started training in ballet, jazz and lyrical dance at 5 years old and through today I believe the discipline has taught me how to strive for something more, to be responsible and creating the life you would dream of.  After graduating from the University of Michigan with Honors I left my hometown to pursue a career in Los Angeles, where for 8 years I worked in PR, Advertising and Media. But after many years in the industry I decided it was time to pursue my passion of skincare, specifically organic and non-toxic skincare and I wanted to educate consumers on the dangers of toxins that are in 99% of products. Pearlesque was then born just a few months later….

How did your natural beauty journey start?

RT: Unbeknownst to me, Pearlesque Box has been a lifetime in the making. At an early age I was diagnosed with Psoriasis where I had to take great measures to treat my condition, including exposure to sunlight, ointments, creams, laser treatments, coal tar (gross), steroid injections…you name it. Since there is no cure for psoriasis, I knew it was a lifelong struggle ahead. It wasn’t too long that I discovered that many skincare products on the market severely affected my skin, causing increased red patches on my body. At that time natural products were not prevalent in the US. I then started creating my own products using natural ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oil, avocado, etc, which helped my psoriasis. In my 20’s I started traveling to various countries and discovered that those countries have been using local natural ingredients for their skin from the beginning of time. The question I had was “Why are natural skincare products not prevalent in the US?” With so many big conglomerate beauty brands that had the majority share in the beauty industry I wanted to make a change. A change in the industry and also the mindset of the American consumer. That’s when it struck me….”It is a necessity to launch a company where consumers can discover organic, non-toxic and natural skincare products from around the world!” Combining my passion of skincare and traveling is what I had to do!

Are natural products part of your daily life? Tell us a little about your daily skincare routine

RT: Absolutely! Natural skincare products have been a part of my life since childhood because of my psoriasis condition. To many, my daily skincare routine can be quite daunting but for me it’s no different than the time spent on anything else that I do in life. In the mornings I wash my face, apply toner, hyaluronic acid, moisturizer, sunscreen and if needed, a skin treatment for my psoriasis. I try my best not to wear makeup everyday because I want to keep my skin as pure as possible. In the evenings the routine is almost the same… cleanser, serum, eye cream and a algae mist spray.

Do you see your skincare regime as purely based on beauty products or is it just one aspect of your lifestyle?

RT: For me, my skincare regimen is an aspect of my lifestyle just as much as exercising and eating healthy.

Have you found any other activities complementary to the way you look after your skin?

RT: It’s extremely important to nourish your body from the outside and within. Eating healthy, exercising, drinking a TON of water and getting your beauty rest…. 8 hours of sleep nightly!

What is your vision for Pearlesque Box?

RT: Our vision is for Pearlesque Box to be the go-to online platform for all organic and non-toxic beauty! We are not just another subscription box, we are more than that! We would love to help consumers on their skincare regimen, educate them and provide access to the highest quality organic skincare from around the world.

How do you choose the brands that feature in each box?

RT: We do thorough research with our brands and vetting the products by testing them ourselves prior to the partnership. We look at the up and coming brands all over the world via online research, events, conferences as well as customer inquiries about brands. It is our duty to ensure we are following guidelines and creating checks and balances for every brand prior to sending them to our customers.

What kind of products can subscribers expect to find in the box?

RT: We focus solely on skincare and bath & body products. We have learned through customer feedback that they turn to us for these types of products and trust us with the brands. Possibly down the road we will incorporate makeup and hair products but at the moment it is not our focus. We listen to our customers closely and ensure we are giving them exactly what they want and need!

What does authentic beauty mean to you?

RT: Authentic beauty is beyond your outer beauty, what you apply to your skin and physical appearance. It is the core of your heart and how you treat others, how you see the world and what you do on a daily basis to make a difference in the world. To be authentic is to be genuine and true to yourself.

November 26, 2016  |  Authentic Beauty Talks
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