At Mettā Skincare we believe that a few good quality products are sufficient for all daily skin and body care needs. All our products have been formulated with a multi-tasking approach in mind to give you the best value, to make optimal use of resources and to minimise waste.

 To encourage you to experiment with different uses for the products and find new ways to incorporate them in your daily personal care routine we’ve provided a few suggestions below.

A few facts to remember:

  • No water – all products are highly concentrated and a little goes a very long way. Start by applying a small pea-sized amount, allow a few moments for the product to melt on contact with skin then gently massage into desired area. All balms are best applied at night to allow sufficient time for the oils to penetrate and condition the skin.
  • Heat – the shea and cocoa butter in our products naturally melt at relatively low temperatures so it’s best to store the products away from direct sources of heat. A slight change in the texture of the product can be expected during warm weather and will not affect its properties, however if you live in a particularly hot area you may wish to store the balms and body butter in the fridge during summer.

What else can you do with:

  • Hand balm – also great for feet, dry heels or elbows, cuticles and nails
  • Face balm – also great as a nourishing night-time treat for the neck and décolletage area
  •  Body oil – can be used as a moisturiser or massage oil, or try adding some to bath water for a nourishing and relaxing soak
  • Body butter – also works as a hand moisturiser, massage oil or even make-up remover: apply a small amount of body butter to a moistened cotton round or ball and gently remove make-up


November 19, 2013  |  Tips
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